Wednesday Poem

I wake up to the smiling moon
as it enters the tiny sliver that
rests between my wall and
pale white curtain.

Its light glazes over me;
washing me in warmth
as my cold body lays
there waiting for you.

The house is silent –
no creak, no moan clashes
with the visions that
my mind creates of you;

images of you coming
to rescue me from the
seclusion of
these bare walls.

Sleep lingers in my eyes,
as I stare at my wooden door
praying for it to open
and reveal you.

Will this ache cease
if you are near me?
Will the hands of time graze
faster against the heightened
moon to make it rotate faster
to bring forth the brightness of your smile?

I awaken to the orange rays
of the blooming sun peaking
through the layers of
cotton curtains.

And there you lay, resting
splendidly against my breast.
Tiny whispers of love escape you
and reach my aching ears –
they have longed for my lovers
voice, deep and serene.

Rest my love, and let the treacherous
light deepen you slumber; let the
world of dreams become mine.

(For Patricio.)